About CCJMusic

My name is Colin Jones and I create music under the name CCJ.
I have been making music on and off since about 1980. Back then it was first with an Electronic Dream Plant Wasp synthesizer and a Tascam PortaStudio 4 track cassette recorder, soon followed by a Sequential Circuits Pro One synthesizer. I had no talent, but I had fun. Back then a friend and I created a cassette album called "The Correct Gap" under the name Warped Noise. Many years later I dabbled with Cubase VST and a Yamaha PSS 480 keyboard and a few MIDI connected devices (General MIDI synth module and reverb etc.) I even had one track included on a compilation CD created by Cubase VST users in 1999 (The track "Tangerine" is featured here). After another long break I started using Garageband and created the album "Patterns" in 2004. The trend continued with another long break as the Mac I used died. In 2014 I bought Mixcraft 6 Pro Studio and the rest is history. Since then I have created a lot of music, most of which is featured here. I have added many VST plugins to give me more scope. More recently I have added two guitars to my collection to give me more sonic options. I doubt I will ever be able to really play the guitar, but I can just about manage to get the sounds I want for my music. My main influences are Tangerine Dream, early Pink Floyd, Klaus Schulze, Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle, Robert Rental and Primal Scream. I'm sure I'm influenced by a lot of others too.
I will be adding more music as I create it.

I hope you enjoy