About CCJMusic

My name is Colin Jones and I create music under the name CCJ.
My musical style is a mix of Ambient, New-Age, Krautrock, Soundscapes and Chillout music, think music that plays during a movie's end credits, or during non-verbal scenes in movies etc.
I have been making music on and off since about 1980. Back then it was first with an Electronic Dream Plant Wasp synthesizer and a Tascam PortaStudio 4 track cassette recorder, soon followed by a Sequential Circuits Pro One synthesizer. I had no talent, but I had fun. Back then a friend and I created a cassette album called "The Correct Gap" under the name Warped Noise. Many years later I dabbled with Cubase VST and a Yamaha PSS 480 keyboard and a few MIDI connected devices (General MIDI synth module and reverb etc.) I even had one track included on a compilation CD created by Cubase VST users in 1999 (The track "Tangerine" is featured here). After another long break I started using Garageband and created the album "Patterns" in 2004. The trend continued with another long break as the Mac I used died. In 2014 I bought Mixcraft 6 Pro Studio and the rest is history. Since then I have created a lot of music, most of which is featured here. I have added many VST plugins to give me more scope. More recently I have added guitar to my arsenal to give me more sonic options. I doubt I will ever be able to really play the guitar, but I can just about manage to get the sounds I want for my music. My main influences are Tangerine Dream, early Pink Floyd, Klaus Schulze, Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle, Robert Rental, Primal Scream and more recently Ian Craig. I'm sure I'm influenced by a lot of others too.
I will be adding more music as I create it.

I hope you enjoy